Food Compliments

To appear on this page, the compliment must be unsolicited and unusually high in its praise.
"The best steak I have ever had" - At least a dozen couples on Wowcher or Groupon meal deals have made this comment.
"Thank you for a superb buffet today. My Guests were delighted!" Teresa Mullen of EDF, West Burton Power Station.
"I love mash potato. In all my 42 years of eating mash potato, yours is definitely the best. I could write a book on mash and if I do, you will be on page one. The rest of the food was brilliant as well!" Peter of the Triumph Rocket III motorcycle club.
"The hog roast you produced was fantastic - it was more like wild boar than domestic pig. I have eaten many hog roasts over the years and this must be one of, if not the best I have ever had. Can't believe this was the first hog roast done by the Moth's owners". Dave Penfield (local HGV mechanic).
"I have attended many rallies over the years and I can honestly say that the Moth and Lantern serve the best food". Lenny of the Triumph Rocket III motorbike club. 
"The best Chicken I have ever had!". Mark of ATM (this comment was made after Mark ate our Hunters Chicken).